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Blogging by Richard
September 4, 2007
Homeland Security Advisory System Jammed
Topic: Humor

WASHINGTON DC -- During a typical maintenance routine in the Pentagon, inspectors discovered that the Homeland Security Advisory System (HSAS) was jammed.   The HSAS, which measures the threat of terror to the US, was inspected over the weekend and they noticed that oil was leaking in the back of the machine. 


Upon further inspection a popsicle stick was found jammed in a cog that was prohibiting the system from changing its current status.  When inspectors removed the popsicle stick and reset the HSAS, they were shocked to see it down to Blue or otherwise known as “Guarded” status. 


The Pentagon immediately offered a written response to the press regarding the HSAS mishap.  “Even though the new status of the Homeland Security Advisory System is lower, we still want people to keep a watch out for foreigners with dynamite strapped to their chests.  If you see something like that, contact an emergency official, don’t just continue on your day.”


It is unknown when the machine became jammed.  The last time the machine changed was when it went from Orange or “High” down to Yellow or “Elevated” shortly before the 2004 election.  Nothing happened.  It is being suggested that the earlier increases and decreases in the HSAS may have been due to the mechanical problem in the machine in the first place.  “We really never had too much ‘intelligence’ to go on when these raises were made.  The machine popped up to ‘Orange’ so we just rolled with it, despite any credible evidence of any actual threat,” said former Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge back on May 10, 2005. 


In addition to the overall rating dropping, the threat to airliners dropped to “Yellow” in the HSAS system.  It is also currently unknown, and may not even be determinable, as to when the two terror levels dropped to Blue and Yellow.  

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Updated: September 4, 2007 1:27 PM EDT
August 29, 2007
Shades of Racism in Vick Investigation
Topic: Humor
ATLANTA, GA -- Rumors and allegations began flying months ago when now former starting quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons, Michael Vick, was connected with a vicious dog-fighting ring. Just this week, Michael Vick pleaded guilty on numerous charges related to the operation of the “Bad Newz Kennels”. The fact that Vick was under investigation though, has shown possible racial motivations.

“This is clearly a racial thing,” said Don Evans, a civil rights activist. “You’ve got illegal animal fighting all throughout the NFL, but only the black man gets investigated.” Evans referred to Peyton Manning’s, Porpoise Punishers where razor masks are given to porpoises and they fight to the death. He also referred to Tom Brady’s cock fighting, “The Raging Roosters” ring operations which are centered in Walpole, a few miles from Foxboro Stadium. Neither Tom Brady nor Peyton Manning responded directly to questioning, but said that we should go to those organizations websites to see how they are done in a “humane” manner.

“Humane my butt! This attention on Vick is clearly because he is black. If animal fighting were such a big deal, Joe Montana and Steve Young would be on trial for their ‘Panda Fights to the Death’ joint venture.”

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August 24, 2007
Vick Says He Did It For The Love, Not the Money
Topic: Humor
RICHMOND, Va. - Michael Vick filed his plea agreement in federal court Friday. In it he admitted to being the person who funded the dog fighting ring and involved with the killing of some underperforming animals. But Vick tried to make it as clear as he could, he never gambled in the "Bad Newz Kennels" fights. He bankrolled the entire system and was part of the killing of pit bulls because it was something he loved to do and had nothing to do with gambling.

Vick says he got the idea of drowning the underperforming dogs from his team, the Atlanta Falcons, when the coach drowned an underperforming wide receiver to death. "I never took a dime," pleaded Vick in the court documents. "It was all about my love of killing and torturing dogs, not the money."

The NFL said it is currently underway on their own investigation to deem whether Vick's confession will warrant a suspension. "We are so pleased that he was telling the NFL the truth, that he never gambled on the dog fights. Gambling is a vice we want to keep off the field," said an NFL representative.

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August 9, 2007
True Numbers on Bush's Budgets and Military Funding
Topic: Politics
I was going through the numbers at the White House webpage. To change the year, simply go to the location bar and change the fy2007 portion to match the year of your concern (it'll work fine to the Bush Admin).

While we all know that Bush spends a lot on the military and his calls for cutting the "pork barrel" projects are a bit hypocritical, I wanted to demonstrate so with the budget numbers. To the best of my knowledge, these totals are all "actual" and not projected budget numbers. Feel free to correct me if I've made an error.

Perhaps the most alarming thing I found was when including the Iraq/Afghanistan supplemental bills, total military spending accounted for anywhere between 54% to almost 63% of our total "discretionary" budget. Since 2002 (Bush's first budget), it has not accounted for less than 1/5 of our total budget... in 2003 and 2004, it was over one quarter of it, 2005 was just under that mark.

Another thing that bothered me was just the typicals. Not including emergency funding supplementals (ie just using the as passed budgets), the annual increase of our military spending was no less than half of our discretionary spending increase (ranging between 50% to 97%, averaging 69%).

Finally, the percentage of our military spending (not including supplementals) with respect to our discretionary spending has steadily increased from 47% in 2001 to 52.5% in 2006. So we now pass budgets that have over half of our discretionary spending go to the military. In 2006, our military spending increased by nearly 50% compared to 2001. That 50% totals an over $140 billion increase. That's $140 billion of spending in a year. Imagine if that went into our infrastructure and not getting lost in the military industrial complex.

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June 15, 2007
So I'm going to run for Senate soon... working on platform
Topic: Politics

I think it's pretty clear that there are few options that the American people want... and I want to run on those platforms to win.

1) My "Marriage to Divorce Refund Obligation" Constitutional Amendment. Due to the high divorce rate in the US, there are literally billions wasted on wedding gifts every year for couples who are doomed to divorce. So I want to set up a constitutional amendment that makes it required that divorcing couples have to refund money for gifts received, back to the senders. Currently, my plan is to have the first ten years be equal to the original price of the item, adjusted for inflation. After that, the rate will be pro-rated for the next ten years. If a couple manages to stay together for 20 years, they don't need to refund anything if they divorce afterwards.

2) Non-invasive pap and colonoscopy / prostate exam. I figure, I can run on a platform that will give $1 billion to the first company that creates a 100% reliable non-invasive pap and colonoscopy. This ensures me about 20% of the vote, across all spectrums of political ideology... except Libertarians who will believe it's up to the free market to develop these non-invasive procedures.

3) Invent the variable speed limit. Spend $10 billion to develop a computer system that can eliminate traffic jams (except directly near accidents where passage is impossible), by using computer generated models to determine the proper speed cars should be going in order to reduce volume at any specific part of a highway. This would save gasoline, reduce emissions and in general make everyone except for Hummer H1, H2 and H3 drivers happy.

4) To appease Hummer drivers, I will propose giving them penile implants. This will work on two levels. From the obvious joy of no longer having a dimpled chad, they won't feel the necessity for driving a military vehicle to work, so not only will they stop driving Hummers, they will probably need to get a new, more efficient (just about anything is more efficient than a Hummer) vehicle.

5) Clean Air Act of 2008. In order to help conserve the environment, the government will require that people (who are determined to be full of "hot air") will need to surround the areas of their "preaching" with plants, bushes and possibly trees (for people like Limbaugh) in order to quickly transform the wasted oxygen excreted into the environment as hot air, full of carbon dioxide (and hazardous dihydrogen monoxide), back into oxygen.

6) When elected, I will call for the complete withdrawal of Iraqis from Iraq. They will be put into Texas, where the death penalty is liberally used for justice. Seeing that the death penalty has been shown to deter crime, that will stop all the violence.

Any other ideas? Personally I think option 2 may be enough to get me elected.

Richard thought this at 1:59 PM EDT
May 25, 2007
Nitrogen in your tires? WTF?!
Topic: General
So I'm listening to NPR's Talk of the Nation. They are discussing ways to improve mileage. One guy calls and says he's heard that pumping your tires with nitrogen instead of air will improve your mileage.

My brain starts thinking. Why is this wrong? I don't know exactly, only that it sounds fishy.

Then it quickly dawns on me... oh yeah... air is what 72 or 80% Nitrogen to begin with!

So I go to the only place where safe and reliable information abounds... the internet. I find this web site.
Originally Posted by Website linked above
Here are a few other benefits of using Nitrogen in tires:

[1] Nitrogen is denser than Oxygen: This means the larger molecules escape less easily from tires resulting in a more gradual loss of pressure over time. According to the Michelin Tire Manual, a tire that is inflated with Nitrogen loses its pressure 3 times slower than if it were inflated with air.

[2] Nitrogen is moisture free: Pure Nitrogen inflated tires experience less steel belt and rubber degradation. Nitrogen use also reduces valve and wheel corrosion.

[3] Nitrogen provides longer tire life: Nitrogen inflated tire run cooler and require less maintenance according to the Goodyear application bulletin.

[4] Nitrogen is non-flammable: Nitrogen technology has been used in aircraft, military and race car technology for over thirty years.
Well, number 4 had to be the funniest damn thing I've ever read. Who exactly is worried about the air... you know the regular atmosphere that you are already pumping into your tires just combusting spontaneously? If you were really worried about that, Nitrogen may not be safe enough... might need to go with a Noble Gas. Some Krypton may work wonders! They put it in windows after all!

Point 1 above would seem to be the only thing worth noting. However, I'm under the impression that typically air temperature has the largest affect on the pressure in your tires, because the warmer the air, the lower the density, ie the greater the volume a fixed amount of gas fills.

I find the idea that reducing wheel corrosion is a benefit. Typically a tire is done when the tread is nearly gone, not when the tire has rusted away.

This website is mentioning a lot of facts, but not a bunch of actual problems that Nitrogen filling would have on my tires. I'm starting to wonder whether the internet is 100% accurate after all!

But the article continues, and to my greatest relief...
Originally Posted by same article (my emphasis)
The other point to consider here is ‘selling Nitrogen’ is still science – and most people are not that comfortable with the whole science thing. And if you recall I mentioned that regular everyday air is 78% nitrogen anyway – so what would they be paying for?

Regular air is approximately 80% nitrogen anyway, are we to believe that an extra 20% makes all the difference… Ironically we now know that the answer is yes.
Honestly, two points.
1) How is that "ironic"?
2) It is just reassuring that the author says it does make a difference.

Why bother telling the reading how BIG of a difference, when you can just say, well yeah... of course it does.

Really starting to doubt the accuracy of the internet now. Just one more thing to make me lose it all.

Originally Posted by article - about the author
JAMES BURCHILL is an experienced Internet Marketing & Business Development specialist providing strategic and tactical solutions to select clients seeking to architect their on and off line marketing success.
*Phew* I can trust this article after all. This guy has a PhD in Chemistry and works in the automobile industry and his accomp... oh wait... he's into marketing?! Fuck me...

It appears that this article is being written by someone who is being paid to make Nitrogen sound as if it is the end all save all for cars and mileage. What an asshole!

Luckily, I did find a place that was a little more honest about the reality of filling tires with only Nitrogen... ie... it's not anything that really makes a difference.

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Updated: August 25, 2007 6:04 PM EDT
May 3, 2007
Republicans Have First Debate
California - The Republicans held their first debate amongst themselves to help garner support for their candidacy for the Republican nomination for the Presidential race in 18 months. The Republicans were uniform in their message, though they differed in magnitude. "If the Democrats are elected, many more Americans would die," said presidential hopeful John McCain.

Mitt Romney, former Governor of Massachusetts (and first Republican to actually finish a term as Governor in Massachusetts since 1876) raised the bar a bit, "I guarantee that people in this crowd will die if a Democrat is elected in 2008."

Senator Brownback went even further saying that some in the audience would be forced "to marry cows" if a Democrat was elected in 2008.

Also noted in the debate was the bravado of candidates bragging how much money they have raised for the Presidential race. "I've got $20 million, now said Mitt Romney." McCain gave him the finger and followed it with, "I could raise $20 million in my sleep."

On issues such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, and Health Care in general, the candidates assured the audience if the Democrats were elected in 2008, they'd all go to hell.

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March 16, 2007
New John Hopkins Study Proves Yo Momma So Fat...
Topic: Humor
AP - Bethesda, Maryland -- A case study just completed at John Hopkins University has concluded that yo momma so fat my dog bit her and died of cholesterol poisoning. The five year case study was first started when study author, William Ying heard rumors that yo momma’s so fat she entered a fat contest and won first, second and third. "When I heard of humors about that, I knew I really wanted to do a case study to find out just how fat yo momma is."

The implications of this discovery has gotten the attention of some politicians. "If this study is correct," started Dennis Hastert (R), "then that could mean if she weighed five more pounds, she could get group insurance. This would become a difficult national health care hurdle to account for! If she was covered with Medicare, the costs could be detrimental to the nation."

Even Bush Administration's Secretary of the Treasury was alarmed by the study. "This could mean if she's so fat, that if she sat on a dollar bill and turned it into 4 quarters. This could lead to security problems regarding the following of currency," said Secretary Paulson.

Richard thought this at 3:32 PM EDT
March 15, 2007
Gold to Reach $1000 - John Wagner
Columbus, OH - AP -- "The price of gold is going to reach $1000," said metal commodity broker John Wagner today. "Trust me, it will," he followed up.

Citing inflation, time, infatuation with shiny things and the general propensity for metals to increase in value, John Wagner has boldly predicted that Gold will reach $1000 an ounce.

"Gold has never been zero," said John Wagner, "I mean, since it was given a value," he finished. "The shit was worthless before it was discovered."

When asked when it would reach this goal, John Wagner replied, "Yeah, it'll reach $1000 an ounce."

Richard thought this at 4:21 PM EDT
Updated: March 15, 2007 4:24 PM EDT
March 7, 2007
Congress to Investigate Credit Card Companies
Topic: Humor
Washington DC - AP -- The Senate has announced plans to investigate whether receiving 7 to 10 credit card applications a week, 30% interest rate charges and outrageous account management fees are questionable.

"I'm up for re-election and I need a very popular and public position to take," started Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman. " I'm for investigating whether 30% interest rates on credit cards are kosher."

The other Senator taking the lead is Michigan Senator, Carl Levin. "We need to investigate whether it is predatory to send the average household up to 5 to 10 credit card applications a week."

The nation was shocked when it learned that Credit Card companies send a barrage of credit card applications to every person in the country, including 10 year olds and people who've been dead for 15 years. The nation was also surprised to learn that credit card companies will give credit cards to anyone who'll sign up for them, almost entirely regardless of their annual salary.

"We feel this is utterly embarrassing," said Citibank president John Falker amongst the company of lots of puppies and kittens. "We try to give credit cards to children to teach them the value of a dollar, not to make them think they can have now what they can't even afford later."

Consumer advocacy groups for years have been saying the credit card companies have been giving these cards to anyone who'll take them. They'll also take those people to the cleaners. "They don't care if they destroy someone's life," said Carla Edwards of the National Advocacy Group Against Giving Credit Cards to Just Anybody (NAGAGCCJA). "They'll swoon anyone over introductory rates and free balance transfers, but then the rates are jacked up and they trap young people."

But not all people are against the credit card company behavior. John Ellis of the National Advocacy Group for Parents Being Responsible For Everything and Anything Their Kid Does (NAGPBRFEATKD), says that parents are repsonsible for everything and anything their kids do. "Parents are responsible for everything and anything their kids do," said John Ellis. "If they want their 5 years not to abuse their credit cards, then maybe they should teach their 5 year old proper fiscal restraint."

The Senate will investigate the issue, bringing in the heads of credit card companies to ask them questions that they don't really need to ask, while the credit card company heads' lawyers will tell them to only talk in completely vague and meaningless banter. Senator Norm Coleman has noted that benefits have already been seen. "Citibank has announced they will no longer raise your interest rates if you paid your electric bill one day late. This is progress and thanks to me... a temporarily populist campaign supporter during my re-election cycle."

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Mega Millions Jackpot Won By Two People, Who Aren't You
Topic: Humor
Columbus, OH - AP -- Winning tickets were sold at places this week that you didn't go to, according to lottery officials. There is a possibility that more winners could exist in California, though chances are you aren't one of them, but that information won't be known until later in the morning due to heavy ticket sales. As of now, two lucky tickets were purchased in Cape May county in New Jersey and some town you've never heard of in Georgia. The names of these people, of which you do not know, have yet to be released.

The $370 million jackpot was the largest to date, breaking the $365 million record jackpot last year, another lottery you failed to win. If taken in a lump sum payment these two individuals will see around $65 to $80 million, while you'll continue to have to commute 60 minutes each way to work in your piece of shit car listening to "Bob and Dave in the Morning" prattle on incessantly about Brittney Spears until blood starts coming out of your ears... again.

Ohio saw difficulties selling tickets late last night as the computer system broke down, keeping other people, like you, from buying losing tickets. Ohio officials were quoted as being very "sorry" that you couldn't lose your money because of the malfunction who's cause is yet to be known.

Nearly 150 million losing Mega Millions tickets were sold, to people like you, in California, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Texas, Virginia and Washington state for this particular jackpot. Loser!

Richard thought this at 11:20 AM EST
March 1, 2007
Is Your Fifth Grader Smarter than an Adult?

I think FOX dropped the ball on their "Are you smarter than a fifth grader" game show. 

This idea, I feel is much better (though not really possible, at least in original form)...

Is Your Fifth Grader Smarter than an Adult
Hosted by Sam Kinison

Sam: So, what is your name...
Kathy: Kathy.
Sam: And you're in fifth grade?
Kathy: Ye...
Sam: Whatever... you know the rules, let's play.
Kathy: I'll take question number 5
Sam: Number 5... real smart kid. What is the standard deduction for an individual filing their taxes with a 1040EZ form?
Kathy: Ah...
Sam: Come on... this is easy...
Kathy: I don...
Sam: You don't know?! You don't know what the standard deduction for an individual filing their 1040EZ form....
Kathy: ....
Sam: What are you, retarded?
Kathy: I don't know...
Sam: You don't know if you're retarded?!
Kathy: No.
Sam: Then why can't you answer this easy fucking question?
Kathy: {starting to tear up} I...
Sam: My fucking dog knows the answer to this question. You must be dumber than my god damn fucking dog.
Kathy: {full blown tears}
Sam: What a cry baby. Get the fuck off this stage!
Kathy: {runs off stage in parent's arms}
Sam: {new contestant walks to stage} So your name is Harry... hope you aren't as retarded as her...

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February 9, 2007
Tabloid Media Mourns Loss of Smith
Topic: Humor
"At the age of 39," said tabloid editor Carl Likens with tears welling up in his eyes, "she dies too soon. She had so much more material to offer us."

Anna Nicole Smith, globally famous for her role in Naked Gun 33-1/3, was found unresponsive in her hotel room Thursday afternoon. They pronounced her dead when it was determined she wasn't alive. The news shocked a not as easily shocked public regarding Anna Nicole Smith who managed to be involved in 149 different lawsuits since her appearance in the Naked Gun film, which made her a target for evil lawyers. Even one of her cases went up to the US Supreme Court.

But now, that she is dead, the tabloid media is mourning the loss. "We figured we had at least 34 more cover stories... that'd lasted us maybe four years alone. There would have been the baby story, weight gain, weight loss, weight gain, weight disappearance, maybe a few more divorces. But all that potential... it's all gone," said Kim Wilburly who then bursted into tears. "She had so much more to give this world."

The baby Wilburly referred to has mystery parents. Doctors and lawyers are kinda sure the baby was brought to term in Anna Nicole Smith. But the father remains a mystery. Luckily, the baby is due to inherit a large fusion of cash, so alleged fathers will be pouring from the sky to claim her.

Richard thought this at 8:12 AM EST
February 6, 2007
Simon & Schuster report bleak sales of Braille on Audio Tape
Topic: Humor

Simon & Schuster announced that their sales of their newest language audio tapes, braille, have sold terribly, amassing a total of 20 sets sold in the United States after it's first three months since being released.

This has been the worse showing for Simon & Schuster in the educational book sector since they released Sign Language on Audio Tape back in 1998.

Richard thought this at 4:30 PM EST
Updated: February 6, 2007 4:35 PM EST
Not Yet Elected John Williams (R) Kansas announces plan for 2016 Presidential Run
Topic: Humor
Not Yet Congressman Elect - John Williams (R) Kansas announced his plans for a 2016 Presidential bid today among a press corp at his job at General Manager of a factory in Topeka, Kansas. John Williams said he plans to run for Congress in 2010, serve 4 years, when he'll begin his momentum for a Presidential bid on the Republican ticket.

Not Yet Congressman Elect John Williams now joins a slowly growing group of people seeking the 2016 nomination of their party. Among him are two also yet to be elected Senators, a current Cabinet member of the Bush Administration and a currently recovering alcoholic son of a powerful Washington lobbyist.

Williams noted that he'd run a strong campaign based on moral values, abortion and any other thing that riles his base up. When asked whether he'd also run for re-election for his Congressional seat while seeking the Presidency, Williams said "It was too early to tell."

Richard thought this at 3:58 PM EST
January 26, 2007
Iraq's Oldest Known Citizen Dies at 59
Topic: Humor
The "Grandfather of Iraq" died yesterday in a nursing home in the Anbar Province. He died from injuries related to a suicide bomber attack he was victim of while out buying a puppy for his granddaughter. Ahmed Amini was known nationwide as the oldest person to be alive in Iraq, perhaps the only man to have lived long enough to see a third generation born into the family. He is survived by a son and daughter and 3 grandchildren.

He is survived by Nahil Gerrah of Basra, who is believed to now be the oldest person in Ira.... wait... not anymore. Car bomb. Now it is believed that Humi Vaty of Kurdistan is the oldest citizen in Iraq, at the age of 53.

Richard thought this at 2:41 PM EST
January 25, 2007
Ford Announces New Plan to Cut Losses
Topic: Humor
Ford announced a plan to help cut it's losses in the short term today.  Ford said it lost about $12.7 billion in 2006.  That comes out to about $34 million a day.

So in order to help reduce the losses, Ford has announced that in 2007 and 2008 it won't try to build any cars or trucks.  "We figure, we'll save money by not trying to make a profit," said Ford's new CEO Mulally.

According to Dean Witter, this may actually pay off.  "Ford is burning over $1 million an hour in losses when they try to build stuff and sell at a profit.  If Ford merely shuts down production, they'll save lots of money in material and shipping costs," said Allan Tummey, analyst at Dean Witter.  

The analysis indicates that if Ford stops trying to make money by making and selling stuff, they'll only lose $5 billion over the next two years. 

Richard thought this at 10:29 AM EST
Updated: January 25, 2007 10:30 AM EST
January 23, 2007
Bush Unveils New Iraq Policy - (Don't Ask, Don't Tell)
Bush in a press conference yesterday, announced the new White House strategy in Iraq. "We will initiate a 'Don't ask, don't tell' policy for Iraq," said President Bush. "It is our plan to reduce reporting of the negative things in Iraq and as long no one asks what is going on in Iraq, there will be no need to report it." The 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' policy has already seen some positive signs as no reports of bombings, death, beheadings or kidnappings were reported in the press today.

Richard thought this at 9:20 AM EST
January 22, 2007
Even God Was Sick With The Patriots - Makes Caldwell Drop Passes
It is being reported that the Lord of universe, Jesus Christ, was pissed off at the Patriots winning all the playoff games they were playing. In order to put the Patriots, "back in their place", Jesus made sure that Caldwell dropped two wide open passes (one for a certain touchdown), and hardened the heart of an official so that he wouldn't call pass interference on a throw in the end zone where the Colts defender was clearly in contact with the receiver before the ball came.

Indianapolis head coach, Tony Dungy, was happy with the game result and thanked God for it. "I want to thank God for helping us win. He really came through on those passes to Caldwell. And God really made the running game for the Patriots useless after the first quarter. And God also helped put the final nail in the coffin by making Tom Brady throw that interception at the end of the game. Hopefully with God's help, Grossman will fumble the ball a lot and we can win the Super Bowl."

Richard thought this at 9:20 AM EST
January 16, 2007
Frigid Temperatures Doom Alaskan Orange Crop for 23rd Straight Season
Topic: Humor
“It’s ruined!” cried Alaskan orange farmer Dale Watson. “I can’t believe this… I really thought this year would be the one.” In what Alaskan officials are deeming as the worst disaster to hit the Alaskan Orange crop since last winter, it is believed that 100% of all the orange crops in Alaska, from Fairbanks to Juneau are a complete loss. Temperatures zoomed down into the negative digits for only the 23rd time in Barrow this season, which left the orange crops in utter tatters.

Juneau, which wasn’t as bashed by the winter as northern Alaska, still hasn’t managed to get out from under the freezing mark for two weeks, which would spell disaster for the orange farmers there as well. This is the worst crop disaster in Alaskan history since last winter, when the cold weather destroyed crops all over the state. It’s also the 23rd straight year, since orange groves spread across the state for the first time, that the orange crops have failed to yield a single piece of fruit.

The governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin announced that she would seek federal aid to help compensate the orange grove owners, which haven’t seen a dime made since they first opened. US Senator Ted Stevens was also working pen legislation to help free the orange grove workers of liability regarding the work safety conditions on the groves. It has been estimated that over 100 people, mostly illegal immigrants from Central America, have died from “accidents” while tending to the crops above the artic circle. “We mustn’t let these details affect our ability to help those in need and those people in need are these poor orange grove farmers in Alaska,” said Senator Stevens in a press conference earlier today in the nation’s capital.

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